DIY DAISY - Book review

DIY DAISY - Book review

If you're a sewer who enjoys social media and uses Instagram for inspiration, then no doubt you would have heard of DIY Daisy. Daisy has been around for a few years now and is known for her easy sew, yet bright & fun garments. Inspired by floral or block colours, puff sleeves and frills, Daisy's wardrobe is one of the prettiest and creative wardrobe's I have seen.

In June, 2022 Daisy released her first sew along book entitled "Sew It Yourself" a beautiful and fun curated collection of 20 projects - 10 accessory projects and 10 clothing projects, which includes fun variations and endless customisation. The introduction of the book covers all the basics of sewing without be dull or slow-paced. This includes how to choose fabrics, sewing techniques, and the do's and dont's in sewing, all in a simple yet thorough explanations.

Daisy's passion for sewing is illustrated in every detail and design of the book and in the project she has chosen to share - there is something for every sewer to enjoy. Whether you’re a beginner sewer or 10 years into the game, Daisy's book is worth a read. Enjoy, xx

DIY Daisy

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