Sewing sheets into garments - Money saver hack

Learn how to use a sheet when sewing to make garments and save money. This post will example how to source fabric cheaply

When sewing my latest garment, the Lily Top, I knew I wanted to sew it in a linen gingham fabric. When I arrived at my fabric store I was pretty shocked to be honest at the prices - $40 per meter. I needed 2 meters for my project and it just didn't sit right with me to pay $80. Then I remembered that some of my friends from sewing class would make beautiful clothing out of old sheets, so I thought I'd have a quick look in the bedding department. Straight away I saw this fitted sheet - it was the exact fabric and colour I was after and it was on sale! I ended up paying $25AUD / $15 USD for just under 3m (including the pillowcase and the fabric bag). After making the Lily Top, I was able to make 2 scrunchies and I still have enough fabric left to make another garment.

When using a sheet/duvet/fitted sheet there are a few things to note:

- Wash the fabric before using in case of shrinkage.
- If you are using a duvet or fitted sheet you will need to unpick the seams and iron the fabric
- While my fitted sheet fabric was just what I wanted, the ends did fray easily so I did need to use my serger / overlocker to stop it from fraying.
- You will need to lay your pattern pieces differently than the what the pattern instructions recommend as the sheets aren't like the typical roll size e.g 114cm, 140c.
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